You may have tried establishing balance in your life several times, but each time you find yourself slipping back into patterns of either overwhelming chaos, or a lack of motivation and sense of purpose.


What you might not realise, is that balance is not just about sitting in stillness meditating, it goes much deeper than that.  It’s the flow between movement and stillness, fire and water, sadness and joy, Love and hate, triumph and tragedy, growth and stagnation, yin and yang.


You’ll find that all these elements  and competing forces appear in nature and actually work together to maintain the eco system in harmony.


Your life works in very much the same way, maintaining balance is about ensuring all the elements in your life, within your self and your environment are aligned, working together to give you the full richness of life. 


This is your perfect opportunity to get right. 


You'll be weaving your way through the week with a series of Yoga and specifically designed workshops - deepening your understanding of how balance works in nature, how that applies to you exactly and how you can finally begin achieving alignment in your life.


This is 6 day intensive we host in Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, just once per year. It's limited to a small group of just 10-12 people.


If it sounds like something you need right now, then we suggest you read on! 

"What drew me to this course was yin/yang concept, and how to bring more balance into my life. After going deeper into the content, I can see that the learnings I received from this course are going to impact not just my life, but many peoples lives..."


New Zealand


what it means to live a balanced life

and how that may present itself in your day to day life

how to harness your Yin & Yang energy

whilst developing your senses to allow you to identify what you need and when you need it

how to restore your balance

and be able to manage it in the same patterns and rhythms nature intended it

different strategies and practices

that will better equip you when developing your own practice to be able to better manage your environment and the major influences in your life.

how balance contributes to healing

and what you can do in your daily life to maintain your sense of 'wholeness'

how the Balinese do it

with some lessons on cultural practices that puts life into greater perspective!

how to embody - 'a balance life'

taking into account all your real world lifestyle implications - what does look like for you?

"A life changing experience in a marvelous place with marvelous people. Ended up the retreat with resolutions & life long goals. Highly recommended for people who are under stress & need new experiences.."




a deeper understanding of balance in nature and what it means

giving you clarity around your understanding - helping you put it into better context.

practical experience

that will allow you to physically sense yin and yang energy in your body and all around you

new tools and skills

giving you a greater ability to restore and maintain balance in your daily life

a whole new way of experiencing your world

by being able to tune in and see and feel things you were unable to previously see!

an appreciation for different cultural traditions

and a clear understanding that there has always been and still is a different way of doing things!

a practical guide to getting started

and a real knowing of how you can actually get started living a Balanced Life!

"Balance is what we all pursue and My Chi Journey has helped me to have a new perspective on how to look at the world. In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years.."


Naples, Italy

'The Balanced Life' workshops

A series of workshops to guide you along your journey towards - The Balanced Life. Developed exclusively by My Chi Journey.

5 night exclusive stay at Honai Wellness Resort in Ubud

We'll have exclusive use of Honai Wellness Resort on the north side of Ubud, quite enough for tranquility, but close enough to the centre of town if you like exploring!

Airport or local transfers to and from the retreat

Depending on when your flight arrives, we  pick you up from Denpasar International Airport, or from your local hotel in Bali.

Breakfast and dinner daily

Healthy organic breakfast and dinner daily with the freshest produce and natural ingredients sourced daily from local farms and prepped with a touch from our own plant based cook!


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2 Yoga classes daily

Rise with Yang and set with Yin. Two classes daily representing Yin and Yang to help you begin recognising your different energies.

60 Minute traditional Balinese massage

You'll get a chance to enjoy a traditional Balinese massage at the luxurious on-side spa, help you relax and unwind during your flow time.

Free daily shuttle into Ubud

Honai is located less than 10 minutes from the vibrant centre of Ubud. Enjoy a free daily shuttle service into town if you prefer to explore during your flow time.

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Honai Wellness Resort


Honai Wellness Resort is a private sanctuary, offering peace and solitude just a stones throw away from Ubud town central.


Enjoy the quiet surrounds overlooking the rice fields, enjoy treatments at the onsite spa, or a swim in the pool which acts as a central feature in this tropical oasis.


Spa offering range of treatments

Yoga Shala


12 Luxurious Rooms



Free Shuttle To Ubud

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rest, work and play in quiet natural surrounds

"I really thought I'd be surrounded by a bunch of hippies that had no idea about the practicalities of the real world, but I was hugely mistaken!"


United Arab Emirates

UBUD, Bali


Far removed from the infamous Kuta and Seminyak is a small town, comprised of 14 villages nestled amongst rice terraces. The natural surrounds like lungs that breath in life; the blend of serenity and cultural vibrancy a yin and yang, offering a perfectly synchronistic heartbeat, keeping the island firmly grounded.


Today, It is a haven for backpackers, cosmic seekers, artists and bohemians and has begun emerging as a hot spot for literati, glitterati, art collectors and connoisseurs. It is a hub for the arts and crafts, a place for the mystics and the pretenders alike.

But make no mistake; there is a very unique spiritual frequency in Ubud, resonating in the breathtaking landscapes, natural surrounds and the people which reside here.

"If you're truly open to changing your way of thinking and living, then this retreat will be instrumental in starting that journey."


New Zealand




Founder of My Chi Journey

Michael is the founder and driving force behind My Chi Journey. An educator at heart, he has dedicated his life to exploring the limits of human potential and better understanding the fullness of the human experience.

Yoga Instructor & Practitioner


Growing up in Mexico City, Karina Majored in Organisational Psychology before pursuing her calling to deepen her personal Yoga practice. She uses her unique gifts to help others experience physical, mental and energetic transformation.  She'll bring both power and flow, as you weave your way through the interplay of Yin and Yang.




Morning Yoga (Yang)

Healthy Organic Breakfast

The Balanced Life Workshop 3

Flow Time (Personal Time)

Evening Yoga (Yin)

Healthy Organic Dinner

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Morning Yoga (Yang)

Healthy Organic Breakfast

The Balanced Life Workshop 4

Flow Time (Personal Time)

Afternoon Yoga (Yin)

Celebration Dinner

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