Closed On Sunday

1 Dec 2019


Even God took a day to rest.


Just one day, set aside as a sacred day


A day to count the blessings, to be introspective, to appreciate the sanctity of life and all of creation


If God, in the great creation stories, took a day to rest, why then, do we believe we don’t need one?


Why then, do we trouble ourselves with the pursuit of more things?


Trying to mine for more time like mining for gold, without giving ourselves a moment to appreciate what we already have


What is it about our culture that prevents us from switching off?


Is it to maximise convenience?


Is it to maximise profit? 


Are we too afraid to sit in silence, to be alone, just for one day? 


Are we somehow greater than God?


He took a day, but we somehow don't need to!?!


The point is, nature has a certain rhythm to it, a flow.


There’s a certain harmony and you either learn to dance with it, or you’ll quickly burn yourself out.


Because the candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long.


So reclaim your ‘Sunday’, make it a thing.


Be closed for business, at least for one day.


Set some time aside and create the space, because no one is going to create it for you. 


And use that time to receive and give blessings, putting this whole wondrous creation into it's proper perspective.

Because despite what you may think or believe, the reality remains, that you are part of this whole creation and it remains a part of you.

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