God Is Good

19 Nov 2019

Let us assume for a second that there is no God, but rather, conceptually at least, God represents the greatest possible good man is capable of.


That the concept of God, by definition, means a Love fully realised.


A transcendent representation, not of what life is, but what it can be.


A standard to be aspired to 


And as a result, the perfect judge, a benchmark to be measured against. 


In this way, the concept of God (or ultimate Goodness) asks much of you. 


It asks you, what is the greatest possible good that you can aspire to in every given situation?


And then it compels you to try and live up to that, 


And to conduct yourself in the appropriate manner.


If man is capable of choosing between good and bad, then the obvious choice would seem to always want to choose good? 


Not sure why, but that just seems right, or at least what you consider to be good at the time.


But choosing good is not easy,


Because choosing the ultimate good asks you to consider much more than just yourself


It asks you to let go of your pride and to crucify your ego 


And even then, you’re still always bound to fall a little short.


So then, why bother? 


Well why bother with anything?


Why bother sending a man to the moon?


The simple answer is, because we can.


We’ve all been afforded with capabilities, talents, skills, potential.


Not just capacity in the pursuit of material wealth


But also with the capacity to Love and be models of goodness.


So if life were to have any purpose at all, then it would make sense that it was to try and live up to the fullness of that capacity too.


To live a full life and give it all you've got, the full depth of your being.


To be fully human and have your unique personhood fully realised in all its facets.


Which naturally includes your capacity to live with and display integrity and virtue. 


So seeking God, is ultimately the pursuit of perfect Goodness.


The seeking and embrace of Love in its purest form.


An emptying of the self to be able to serve all that is good and just


And despite inevitably falling short time and time again, remembering that the value is not in achieving that goal, but in the daily and constant pursuit of it.

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