Time For Renewal

15 Oct 2019



Renewal is an integral part of the natural process.


Every ending a new beginning, every death a new life


Every door an exit and an entrance


Every season, flowing seamlessly into the next. 


Although change is inevitable, renewal is not.


Because renewal requires you to see the opportunity in every challenge


To accept failure as part of success


And fear as part of courage.


Renewal can be entered into at any moment and it requires you to will it.


To want it and be prepared to embody it


Because new life, requires death


The death of an idea


The death of a relationship


The death of the ego


The death of an old way of doing things 


With death making way for new life and a renewed faith, 


A new willingness to embrace the unknown and trust that whatever the outcome, that it is part of your growth. 


A natural part of the journey that will move you into the depths of everything that you are and everything that you can be.


If you’re at a crossroads and seeking renewal – be patient, your time will come, you will know when the moment is ripe, because you'll be trembling with fear and resisting it with everything you've got.

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