Seeking Eden

13 Aug 2019

It’s no accident that the creation accounts in the story of Genesis make specific reference to a garden.


The garden providing the ideal environment for human to flourish 


The garden a prelude to nature, but tamed. 


For as much as you may romanticise nature, if left untamed, it will devour you. 


Man then, was not made for the wild


But neither was man made to be confined to an artificial reality, under some illusion of safety and security.


For in the garden, the serpent still lurks, so one must still remain alert and watchful.


Reconciling your relationship with nature, your relationship with your own nature and its own capacity for wild - works very much in the same way.


Your own wilderness beckons, but left untamed, it too will eventually devour you. 


Succumbing to your own temptations and appetites without any regard for the consequences is the beginning of the great fall. 


So the Garden of Eden, is in fact the yin and yang.


Man’s ideal state.


The wild confined within the walls of a garden.


Providing the safety and security you seek, but also all the nourishment you could ever require. 


Safety, with a hint of risk


Order, with a hint of chaos


Predictability, with an element of surprise


Stability, with the lure of temptation, helping to build your resolve


A garden, an honest reflection of the fruits of your labour.


But your garden left to its on devices, left untended, will in time grow wild


And should you continue to neglect it, you will, without doubt, eventually find yourself completely lost in the wilderness.


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