Getting Angry

14 May 2019

 Anger is a double-edged sword.


It can serve a Godly purpose and be an expression of Love, or it can be a manifestation of your own pride and ego.


Perhaps you get angry because you feel wronged or have been hurt


Perhaps you get angry because you believe you deserve better or believe you have been unfairly treated


Perhaps you get angry because you didn’t get your way or your expectations weren't met


Perhaps you get angry because you have no other way to express yourself or it's your way of being heard


We don’t want to go looking for reasons to be angry, but it’s sometimes inevitable


However, it’s important to remember;


That anger should not mean the abandonment of Love, but should rather be an expression of it


Your anger should not be scornful or wish harm to another


Your anger should not translate to spite, setting out to intentionally wound


It should not be contemptuous in its nature. 


This it not an argument against anger, dare I say anger is sometimes very much needed


It’s better to get angry than to be indifferent; because at the very least the anger wakens something inside and let’s you know you are alive


That you stand for something and it matters,


That you have some convictions that serve some higher purpose, not just your own


It is here where anger is best served


As an expression of Love and a vehicle that works to purify and heal a person


That calls on them to be better, to do better, to live up to their God given potential.


So I suggest you always seek to make friends who force you to level up.


Those push you and take to you to uncomfortable places – but that ultimately want the best for you. 


There is no greater tragedy than that of unrequited Love


Of potential left unfulfilled


Or watching someone wasting their life away


It’s difficult not to get angry with that


So allow for anger, but the kind of anger that will help raise someone up, not tear them down.

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