Remaining Steadfast

16 Apr 2019

Reality is, your attention is a valuable commodity and what you give your attention to is key in being able to remain steadfast (in pursuit of your fundamental purpose).


And it’s because your attention is such a valuable commodity that you’ll find others constantly competing for it. 


Businesses will compete for it as they try and get their message across or sell you something


Your colleagues will compete for it as they try to elevate their priorities over yours or others


Friends and family will naturally compete for it as they seek connection with you in one form or another


You’ll see it in children often, interrupting adult conversations, pushing siblings out of the way or raising their voice in their quest to be heard.


Heck, you’ll find yourself competing for the attention of others as you seek connection and validation - attending to your personal need to be heard, feel valued and appreciated.


Enter the importance of boundaries. 


Without establishing firm boundaries around your time and attention, you’ll find yourself being pulled in a myriad of different directions.


Initially, it’s about being able to recognise when you’ve been distracted and are being pulled off course 


And secondly it’s about being able to intervene at will, in order to maintain the steadiness of your ship and re-orientate it back towards it's intended destination


There’s a certain level of awareness required to be able to do that.


There’s also a need for clear focus, a consistency, without ever losing sight of the direction you've set out to steer your life in


And then having the ability to say NO 


Saying NO when you find that what you’re being asked to do, somehow contradicts where you're headed


Remaining steadfast it all about your ability to take all your creative energy, 


All your different ideas and varying priorities 


And direct them in a way so they are pulling you in the same direction.


It’s about harnessing and containing that energy, being able to direct and channel it in a way that remains both meaningful and purposeful


And then maintaining the discipline and strength of will to keep your self on course.

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