The Happiness Delusion

2 Apr 2019

You’ve been sold a lie. 


The lie that the purpose of life is to be happy


That you must always do the things that make you happy


That the pursuit of happiness is not only your right, but also your obligation


And it’s up to you to spend your time (and money) seeking out different forms of self-gratification, moving towards pleasure and avoiding pain.


Looking for ways to make things easy whilst shying away from anything that seems difficult. 


All the while assuming you’ve even been able to fully comprehend what happiness actually means.


The modern form of happiness, at least how it’s expressed and come to be understood in pop culture, seems limited to working towards satisfying all of your personal desires. 


In orientating your life towards chasing those fleeting moments of pleasure usually expressed through some form of euphoric ecstasy.


The pursuit of happiness in that sense is akin to going through life, looking for your next fix, 


That all-important next fix that will make you feel important, alive, valued, and even free.


And so the cycle goes, each time leaving you feeling more empty and dissatisfied.


And the pursuit continues, unsustainable, costing you more time, more money and more energy. 


Well what if I told you that happiness is not a feeling; it goes a little deeper than that.


That perhaps the purpose of life is not to be happy at all, but rather to live a life that means something.


A life that is a reflection of your unique qualities and an outward expression of your inherent potential.


Maybe the purpose of life is simply to have a purpose. 


To stand for something meaningful – and commit yourself to something that brings value, not only to you, but also to others. 


In always choosing to do, not only what is easy, but what is right (and good).


Accepting that as your challenge, regardless of how difficult it may seem. 


Knowing full well, that although your life may not be perfect, or indeed even a happy one, it is uniquely yours, it's real and it means something. 


That as you approach each day, you choose to do the best you possibly can with whatever you’ve been given, and that that is simply enough. 


And when you’re finally laying on your death bed looking back at it all – your comforted knowing that you’re leaving a little piece of yourself behind, and taking that character that you’ve developed along that way with you.

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