What You Believe

24 Jan 2019

Belief is a powerful thing and often either taken for granted or completely misunderstood.


What you believe is the lens in which you view the world.


It’s that one thing that guides your actions and reactions.


People go around proclaiming their beliefs to the world, shouting them from the rooftops.


But what you believe is not accurately reflected in what you say, but more so in what you do.


Much of the time, you don’t actually know what you believe – you proclaim it, attempt to reinforce it, even go to great lengths to defend it.


But upon further examination, you find that it’s not what you believe at all, because your actions say something very different.


What you want to believe, is not the same as what you actually believe. 


So all this time and you’ve been either lying to yourself, trying to be something you’re not, or living in denial and avoiding who you are fundamentally at your core.


Beliefs are acted out, not proclaimed and the key is to be able to align the two.


So what you say and what you do are in harmony, because that's the secret to living a true life of contentment. 


So if you want to know what you actually believe, tune in to what you do.


How you act.


Who you spend your time with


What you spend your time doing.


Where you spend your money.


What you give your attention to.


How you react and respond.


What you prioritise.


It will say more about you than anything you could ever tell me.


So with all due respect, don’t waste your time telling the world what you believe, you'd be much better served simply living it out. 

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