That Forward Motion

28 Jun 2018


You are designed in your very nature to move forward.


I mean that both literally and metaphorically.


In the literal sense, simply by taking notice of the mechanics of your body, you can begin to see that everything is in place to propel you linearly in a particular direction.


You don’t go through life moving backwards, nor do you have legs (or the instinct) to just sit around doing nothing.


That forward motion is what ultimately moves you closer to something 'better', it’s this movement away from and towards something else, that ultimately gives your life a sense of purpose.


I’m not talking about entering a perpetual state of unsettledness – but rather getting clear on what needs and should be done and then doing it.


Metaphorically, it’s in being (and feeling) productive and in making a difference that gives your life that sense of value. 


In the strict Darwinian sense, if you choose to ignore the changing nature of life, you’ll soon die off and render yourself irrelevant. 


That is, if you don’t work to change, then you’re denying the fact that the world around you is constantly changing, so by not moving with it, you are bound to eventually being left behind.


This is ingrained in the very nature of things, so then, the biggest risk from a strictly evolutionary sense, is to do nothing.


So how then do you know what to move towards?


The secret is to get clear on what’s important, establishing a sense of order and direction, and then focusing your gaze on moving towards that. 


This now becomes a battle between your competing priorities – sort those out and it becomes clearer what the next step should be.


It’s a simple formula that nature lays out for you, but I know it’s not always an easy journey to embark on, especially alone. 


This forward motion also asks you to embrace a certain level of uncertainty, because that's what moving into the unknown ultimately brings with it.


This is what most people tend to shy away from, because it means accepting your fears and vulnerabilities and not everyone is willing or brave enough to do that.


So the question to you is, what is propelling you forward? What makes your life worth living? What do you consider important?


If you know the answers to those questions, then keep moving towards that – if you don’t, then it would make sense to start getting some clarity around that first.

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