Your Word Is Your Bond

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

If there is one bit of advice I would want to leave my children with, to carry with them through life, it would simply be:

"Always keep your word..."

Your word is your bond, it goes to the heart of your integrity

It establishes your credibility

It says something about you,

Whether you can be trusted and relied upon.

And if you lose your credibility, you essentially have nothing left.

Because it’s not only about knowing that others can rely on you; it also goes to the heart of whether you can rely on yourself.

Whether you can deliver on what your promise and what you've set out to do

Whether you can look yourself in the mirror and respect what you see

Whether you’re able to lay your head down at night, content knowing that what you have to offer is real and tangible.

Because the opposite of 'to bond' is 'to break'.

Leaving the alternative as something fractured,

Fractured relationships and in time a fractured spirit

Exhausting your self with maintaining the smoke and mirrors whilst you try to keep up the façade