• Michael Dahdal

You Were Made Perfect

You were made perfect.

Everything in nature, in its original state, is perfect.

But somewhere along the way, it’s slowly become corrupted

Our own nature has become corrupted

Whether it’s the processed foods we eat, how we move our bodies, or indeed how we choose to live our lives

Somewhere along the way it’s all become a little distorted

Our view of the world has become distorted

Contaminated by unnecessary excess, distracted, being pulled in different directions

Moving us further and further away from ourselves

Further away from what is good and whole.

Progress has indeed been made in many areas, there’s no denying that.

But now that we live longer lives, now that we have comfort and security

Reality is, it’s done nothing to unsettle our spirit.

Where once our bodies may have been undernourished

Now it’s our souls

We seem to have it all, but yet, there is sense that we have nothing, like there's something missing

Always looking for more.

We seem to be more connected than we’ve ever been,

Yet we feel disconnected, longing to be Loved.

We seem to be free,

But yet we are held hostage by our own desires and our freedom to pursue them

We seem to have everything we need, but yet seem to lack meaning.

So perhaps it’s time to return home

Perhaps it’s time to shed the excess

Stop wanting for things that move you further way from yourself

Perhaps its time for restoration,

A restoration to your original nature, back to your most natural state.

Perhaps it’s time to move natural, eat natural and live natural.

To make better choices, long for sobriety and to see more clearly how and why you were made

Perhaps if you did that, you will finally begin to understand what it truly means to be human.

Perhaps if you did that, you'll be restored to your intended glory,

Perhaps working with nature, instead of against it, is the key to leading a healthier and more meaningful life.

Perhaps all we need to start is a cleansing of sorts, a restoration of purity, returning you to your most natural , uncontaminated state, so you can be the perfect you were born to be.

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