• Michael Dahdal

You Are Your Choices

It’s not your abilities that show what you really are.

It’s your choices.

So what then, do your choices say about you?

What do they say about your priorities

What do they say about your insecurities

What do they say about your fears

About your ability to Love and be Loved.

About healing the trauma’s of your childhood

About breaking cycles and moving out of the shadow of your parents

About forging your own identity in a world where fitting in, is more highly valued than truth itself.

Often too afraid to stand out in the rain alone, even if indeed it’s the rain that offers the cleansing that you need.

Life is poetic in a sense.

It moves to a rhythm and lingers on the precipice of comedy and tragedy.

And here are you, right in the middle of it

Trying to make sense of it all.

And just as you think you’ve found your place, Life tears it all away.

Asking you more questions, leaving you with more choices to make.

And in the end, it won’t be your circumstances that define you.

It will be your choices

They will also define your relationships

And the type of person you allowed yourself to become.

The legacy that you will leave behind.

No doubt we’ve all made some questionable choices in life, but what matters most, is the choice you make right now.

And the choices you make from now on.

May your choices always reflect your hopes, not your fears.

And may you find the strength to live up to everything that you really are and everything you were created to be.

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