• Michael Dahdal

When The Music Stops

It’s awfully silent when the music stops

Yet the thoughts are somehow amplified. Oh, that deafening sound of silence!

Something dies when the music stops

One day you’re hot and then suddenly you’re not.

Just like that.

It’s difficult to keep dancing when the music stops

With nothing there to set the rhythm or the tempo

Feet all tangled, with nowhere to go.

I wish they’d play my favourite song again.

Just one more time.

Just so I can dance to that familiar beat.

Things aren’t quite as bright when the music stops

Sure I can try and dance to the beat of my own drum

But what’s the point in that?

It might just be better to sit it out sometimes, rather than pretend it’s all O.K.

I’d much rather dance to Life’s rhythms anyway.

But what should I do then, when the music stops?

Should I just tap my feet

Should I keep looking for inspiration -

Maybe check my email again, stare at my phone, wait for that invite that never seems to come?

I can hum to the tune in my own head or sit around as life passes me by.

But what I seem to keep forgetting is this.

God is a DJ!!

Playing just the right tune at the right time.

Perhaps it's not so much the music that's missing, perhaps I’ve just tuned it out.

I can do that sometimes, especially when I'm missing my dance partner.

It can get lonely out there on the dance floor.

And you know what they say,

Those seen dancing are thought to be insane by those that can’t hear the music.

But let’s not let anyone spoil the party, shall we?

They may have flicked the switch on us

And tried getting us to dance to their own tunes

But in the end, they don’t get to choose the playlist nor do they write the songs.

God is the DJ,

I think I might go try and get these feet untangled, would you like to come?

Perhaps we can dance together once again.

I know it will make the music that whole lot sweeter.

#music #dj #dance #rhythm

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