• Michael Dahdal

When Loyalty Dies

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Loyalty allows us the freedom to be who we are

To make mistakes knowing that there is an unbreakable bond that ties us together

A safe place to come back to

A place void of doubt or insecurity

A place of faith, conviction and total trust

Knowing that someone or something has always got your back

And that you in turn have theirs

Loyalty provides you with a springboard in which you can launch back into life after a set back

A solid foundation to build your home

A safe place to retreat to when you need

And when loyalty dies, something in our collective humanity dies along with it

We’re thrust into distrust and uncertainty

Pushed further towards fear and insecurity

There’s no place left to rest your weary head

No shoulder to lean on

Nothing or no-one you can count on to wipe away your tears

Just an empty void,

And the sensation that you’re left to your own devices, to fend for yourself

A life without loyalty is like a rudderless ship drifting off to sea without a captain

It’s aimless, pointless.

Going nowhere and without any reason.

It’s the undoing on the social fabric that binds us all.

When loyalty dies, societies crumble

Relationships become weak, empty and hollow

And families are eventually torn apart

Because loyalty is a commitment you make

It says, I will go to the ends of the earth and suffer with you

Looking you in the eye and reminding you, we are in this together,

No matter what and without any question or shadow of a doubt

And perhaps you can live happily affording this loyalty only to yourself

Your own passions and desires

But the unfortunate thing about nature is,

That life is not an individual pursuit


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