• Michael Dahdal

What No Longer Serves You

We’ve got this one all wrong.

How often have you been told to let go of that which no longer serves you?

And you do it, time and time again.

What a strange way to look at the world.

As if we’re somehow here to be served?

Mistaking our selves as Gods, instead of humble servants.

Perhaps this is not The Way that it was intended.

Perhaps we were never meant to be the narcissists we’ve turned out to be

Perhaps there are some things worth holding onto

Not in the service of yourself, but rather in the service of others

In the service of something bigger than you

Perhaps we’ve become so attached to the temporal nature of this world

That we’ve forgotten that nature is not temporal, nor is it bound by this world.

We’re so disillusioned, that we have to have it all right now

Afraid to let anything slip us by, the dreaded FOMO.

So caught up in our pursuit of happiness, that we’ll trample on who ever we need to, 

just to get ourselves there.

Pursuit, as if it’s some kind of race, 

And happiness as if it's some prize left to claim at the end of it. 

We’re so willing to accept the sacrifices of others to us, but not so willing to make them ourselves (to others).

This really says something about what we’ve become.

Oh my, how wrong we've got it.

So addicted to our own glorification

And to satisfying our own needs

So enamoured with ourselves, that we’re completely missing the point.

The point that Life is not temporal, it is eternal.

And what you do today, echoes in that eternity

Nothing you do goes unnoticed, nothing!

So instead of being overly invested in what this world has to offer you

Perhaps you might consider laying it all down,

Reminding yourself again.

That although there's nothing worth killing for.

There's plenty still worthy of dying for.

And that would very much include the death of your own ego.

Not as a means to self-destruction, but rather as a means to the attainment of new Life. 

Real Life.

The kind you were always meant to have.

#letgo #eternity #service

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