• Michael Dahdal

To The Dust You Shall Return

Updated: Mar 17

Why do you forget that you are not seperate from creation,

That you were taken from dust

And to the dust you shall return.

Why do you delude yourself into thinking that triviality matters,

When Life itself is so much bigger than that.

Why do you not remember where you came from

And to where you are going.

Is there anything more important?

Why are you so short sighted, when the horizon extends into eternity

And you are merely a ship at sea.

Why do you let fear take you off-course, when you know the destination.

Why do you not Love with the entirety of your being

When you know deep inside you

That Love is the only thing that can guide you home.

You didn’t come into the world,

You came out of it

And to it, you shall return.

So don’t waste your days distracted by your own drama,

When the only drama that matters is the one playing out all around you

A perfect symphony only found in this creation

A creation that you are an all important part,

And that is also a part of you.

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