• Michael Dahdal

To Live Forever

Regardless of how advanced technology gets, the fact remains, we are natural beings

And by natural, I don’t mean mere biology

Because the life that matters most, doesn’t happen at the biological level, but at the spiritual one

The physical death is but a single moment in time

But a spiritual one, you carry with you into eternity.

So don’t waste your time worrying about the mundane

Climbing the career ladder.

Wearing the latest brands.

Trying to play house and pretending that this is somehow normal

When the reality is, that the true nature of normal, is so much more profound.

We still put all our faith, hope and dreams in the temporary things of this world,

when nature itself is eternal.

So perhaps cultivating the spirit is the only real noble pursuit - the only thing that really matters.

By learning Love. To Love and be Loved.

By not being bound by fear and doubt

By developing your unique character, not parts of it, but all of it.

And pursuing Life, real Life, with everything you’ve got.

Because Life, real Life, has nothing to do with the kind of car you drive or how high you’ve climbed in social status

And it has everything to do with literally conquering death.