• Michael Dahdal

To Go With The Flow

Only dead fish go with the flow.

The modern idea of ‘flow’ is too often misplaced.

It’s devoid of intentionally,

Assuming instead that you go wherever the social current takes you.

You act, not from any point of principle,

But primarily on how you feel at any given time

It’s resigned to the whims of circumstance.

When in actuality, flow has direction

Flow has intention

Flow has structure

A bird flows, but it knows where it’s going.

At our core, we Humans need direction

The alternative is akin to a ship adrift at sea, without a captain

Left to the mercy of the conditions

A case of gone with the wind.

Flow is not about being aimlessly adrift, but more about moving seamlessly through time and space.

It’s about being active, not passive.

It’s about being fully engaged,

So present that the distance between subject and object dissipates

Totally absorbed in what you’re doing.

To work, without working.

Effortless, effort - becoming one with that moment

It’s a timeless and intuitive way of being in the world

But intuitive is not devoid of intention

It’s not devoid of a foundation, anchored on some set of principles.

It’s not devoid of responsibility

And it’s certainly not devoid of your will to act in meaningful ways.

Flow has never been about surrendering the will, but rather working in harmony with it.

It’s about raising your game, not dropping it.

It’s a heightened state of focus and attention, not distraction.

It’s about not resigning yourself to an aimless existence, under the illusion of ‘going with the flow’.

So check yourself, before you wreck yourself

And let’s instead flow with the go.


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