To Give And Take

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

He who does not like to receive, does not like to give - is how the saying goes.

Reciprocity is a thing.

It’s the basis of any relationship.

To give and to take.

To offer and to accept, only to offer again.

If pure Love is indeed selfless, then perhaps a loving relationship is only sustained when that selflessness is returned in kind?

To have it balance out.

And one can make all the promises and proclamations in the world, but in the end, energy doesn’t lie.

It's natural and nature itself is cyclical.

It’s only in the cycle of giving and receiving that balance can be found

That harmony can be established, maintained or restored

So it may be wise to stop giving your energy to those that don’t reciprocate

Not because you expect anything in return

But because by not doing so, you leave yourself depleted.

And when you’re depleted, you have nothing left to give.

But your Life itself.

And this is indeed the ultimate sacrifice,

The sacrifice not many of us are neither ready nor willing to ever make.

Even if it is, ironically, the one thing that ultimately leads to eternal life.