• Michael Dahdal

To Get Excited Again

Excitement is pretty much just energy in motion

It’s a raising of the vibration, usually as an anticipatory response

It’s activated in a moment, in being engaged

And it’s activated in the moving towards something

In looking forward.

It's in going from being indifferent to taking an interest

It’s the movement from blocking to releasing

Going from nothing to something

And from stagnation to flow

And flow, in its very nature, is all about motion -

And where there is movement, there is always Life.

As hopeless as the world may seem sometimes

There’s always something to get excited about

Endless opportunity and a whole world of possibility

And sometimes all it takes is you just flicking the switch

And turning your self back on again!

Now is the perfect time to get excited -

Not to a point where you’re blowing a gasket

But rather just enough to start looking forward to something

To restore hope where there is none

And to look beyond what is, towards what could be.

The world is much bigger than you and me -

It’s bigger than any single virus, politician or political ideology.

Always remember, nature, true nature, always wins in the end -

And one day they will all realise, that you can’t contain Life.

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