• Michael Dahdal

To 2020: Thank You and Good Riddance

I try to see the blessings in everything, I really do.

But to be honest, this year (2020) can’t end quick enough.

It’s perhaps been the single worst year of my life,

It’s certainly been the most challenging.

I found myself angry a lot,

Angry at myself and angry at the world.

And I’ve spent so much time looking for the source of that anger

Until I realised

That my anger wasn’t fuelled by hate

It was ironically fuelled by Love

And I found myself angriest at those I Love most.


Because I still believe so strongly that we can all do better

I certainly expect more of myself

But I also find myself expecting more of the world and more of those around me.

It's perhaps not fair and sets me up for inevitable disappointment,

But I can't help it.

It's built into my DNA, perhaps a blessing, perhaps a curse.

Despite everything the world has thrown at us this year, despite all the challenges

And all the disappointments

I'm still crazy enough to believe.

I still believe that we can all be better and do better

And failure only exists when we give up on God, on others and on ourselves.

I still believe there is beauty and inherent goodness in people and things

And above all, I still believe in Love, real Love.

This year I learned that the world can be a harsh and brutal place

I’ve learned that things are transient,

I learned not to take people or things for granted, because things can change in an instant

And it can all be taken away.

I learned that fear rules the world

And that Love, real Love, the eternal selfless kind is very very rare.

But I also learned, that it doesn't have to be this way

And that some things, are indeed eternal.

That forever can be a thing and we choose to limit ourselves by what this world tells us.

I was also forced to learn patience this year,

But became equally restless, because I learned again that time is of the essence

I learned that every moment counts

And every word counts


And although there were many lessons learned, I still have the sense that this year in particular, I lost much more than I gained.

And I still carry with me many regrets.

But despite everything I lost

I haven’t lost hope and I still believe.

Thanks for the ride 2020 and everything you taught me

But good riddance.

I pray that this coming year is a little kinder to everyone

I pray that it is a year of mending bridges

Of Love rekindled

And of trust restored.

I pray that it’s a year where the spirit of truth

And the human spirit prevails.

That it’s a year where fear is conquered and beauty is allowed to shine again.

And I pray that it’s a year where faith overcomes doubt.

Good try 2020

You almost had me, I was knocked down, but I’m still not out.

We all live to fight another day and thats the greatest blessing.

So let’s reconnect with what's important

And with those we Love

Life is short and over in an instant

So let's make this year count for something greater than ourselves.

And to you - thank you.

Thank you for sharing your time and attention

Thank you for listening

Thank you for your patience

Thank you for making it through the year with me.

Thank you for your Love and your support

I can honestly say, without you, the battle may have been lost.

May your year be blessed and may blessings rain down on you always.

With Love,


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