• Michael Dahdal

The World Of The Spirit

The world of the spirit is the world of the unseen.

It’s that ‘intangible’ character, that gives life to matter - that moves in energy and transcends the material.

It’s the world of the soul, of consciousness.

And the world that points you beyond what you can see in front of you.

When we die, we take nothing of the material with us,

But yet we spend so much time living only a physical existence.

Attending only to our material needs.

If you proclaim to be spiritual, then let your life reflect it.

Perhaps the world of the spirit is indeed more tangible than you realise.

And perhaps it can be experienced as a lived reality. As real as the sun shining and birds chirping outside your window.

I’m not suggesting the physical form, your body, the atomic world you live in, is unimportant.

But it is only half the story.

It’s no wonder so few of us ever feel complete.

Because it's always two halves that make up the whole.

You see, the beauty of this world is in this convergence of the spiritual with the physical.

This blending is a feature unique only to our creation.

And it’s this that makes us humans unique.

You are indeed the axis point between two seemingly divergent worlds.