• Michael Dahdal

The World Is Waiting

Updated: May 21, 2020

The planet is alive

It knows that something isn’t quite right

It wonders where you’ve gone, where you’re hiding.

In short, it misses you.

It never saw you as an enemy; it always just wanted to get along.

It wants to look after you, so you can look after it.

It doesn’t want you to be locked up indoors

It doesn’t want you to hide away captive, only to tremble in fear.

It knows that life has so much more to offer.

It also knows life can be harsh sometimes, but that doesn’t stop it from living.

This is foreign to the planet, so it’s very confused.

It wonders why you don’t Love it anymore,

Did it do something wrong?

Unlike you, the planet accepts its feat and just moves with the cycles.

It’s not governed by the laws of man,

But instead by the laws of creation.

It does what it was designed to do, without so much as a whimper.

It rises with the sun, intuitively letting out a big exhale at the first signs of light.

And it knows, that life and death go hand in hand.

That the seasons change and that nothing lasts forever

And that’s the beauty of it, because this death is what makes way for new life.

And it's ok with that order.

Because it knows that there’s a logic to everything that's been created.

But today, the planet is sad, because it doesn’t know where you’ve gone

It’s waiting for you to come back

It's wondering what’s taking you so long?

It has all the nourishment you’ll ever need, it just wishes you would trust it

It wants you to experience the full richness of life

It knows you can't get that any other way, or from anywhere else.

And it certainly knows you can’t get that from shying away.

Why are you not listening to it?

Although it can’t promise you a long life, it can promise you a good one.

A life fully lived.

One that means something,

That works to preserve the richness and essence of what you were created for.

The world is waiting for you and so are we.

We don’t know what you plan on doing,

But as soon as we are able, we’ll be the first ones out to accept its embrace

Heck, maybe even sooner.

We have no doubt that the planet is right, because unlike us, it gets its orders from a higher authority.

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