• Michael Dahdal

The Risk Free Life

Updated: May 21, 2020

There is no life without some element of risk.

There just isn’t, that’s not how it works.

There is no winning without the chance of losing, no joy without the possibility of pain, no Love without loss, no life without death.

There has never been a time that’s been devoid of some external threat

Predators or disease

Natural disasters or sadly, neighbour turning on neighbour as we see today.

It’s these conditions that have allowed humans to build resilience.

Give nature credit where it’s due, it has a way of always giving us what we need.

But we’ve largely evolved to where we are today, not because we hid indefinitely in our caves, but because life has always demanded that we step out and assume the risk.

It’s a precondition.

Confronting adversity is what makes us who we are, as a species.

It’s what’s allowed us to flourish and to be here, right now.

It’s much less about being resistant, and much more about becoming resilient – a point of difference many fail to make.

And the only way to do that is by confronting adversity head on.

Seeing it as an opportunity,

An opportunity to confront fear with courage

Lies with truth

Hysteria with reason

And an opportunity to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

There is no such thing as a perfect ending; life has this dual nature about it.

But Life itself is indeed perfect, because of these imperfections.

It's what makes it whole, human, real.

If we only gave nature the opportunity to do its thing, we'll quickly come to see that.

So the choice we’re left with is this,

We either embrace Life, it in its totality, unedited and raw,

or we continue living a sheltered, filtered existence.

And this choice should always comes back to you, the individual - as a matter of free will, without imposition.

The sad truth remains however,

That no one gets to live forever, not in this life.

So the secret to embracing the fullness and richness that Life has to offer,

Is to first reconcile our relationship with death.

Because it's fear that enslaves us, and it's only this reconciliation that can set you free.

This spirit of fearlessness, is what allows you to stand up for what’s right, despite the possible consequences.

Knowing that life is much more than staying alive, it’s about living.

Calling you to a higher purpose without forgetting;

That it’s only the legacy that you create with your actions that will ultimately provide you with the immortality that you often seek.

Such is the irony of Life (and death).

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