The Restless Heart

The restless heart is like a beacon calling on you to some higher purpose

The inability to sit content, until you’ve found your way back home

Despite your successes, uneasiness still lies in you

Something calling you to do more, to be more

It’s a sign that something is not quite right

That you’ve somehow deviated from the path

The there is a part of you, or in you, that remains missing, that you are not yet complete

And although you can learn to show more gratitude for what is right now,

The heart can only rest once it’s found and pursues its true calling.

Despite having the most sophisticated navigation systems the world has ever seen -

We still wander, searching, seemingly lost, seeking direction.

All the while moving us further and further away from our natural callings

Away from our intended destination.

On the surface we have everything, and couldn’t possibly want for more