• Michael Dahdal

The Power Of Redemption

It’s never too late to set things right.

Nor can the importance of atonement be understated.

Because it’s in this act, in redemption

That everything is set back onto it’s proper course.

And in setting things right,

You also set yourself back onto your rightful path.

Because what you might fail to realise,

Is that every time you set something right out there in the world,

You set something right within yourself as well.

So redemption allows you to claim the fullness and goodness of your humanity

It's The Way of moving you into everything you can be.

In fully realising the potential that lays dormant within you.

And it’s in this act, that real transformation and healing occurs

Because healing is about becoming whole

And you can never be whole if you don’t attend to matters that need attending to.

If you fail to make up for every time you’ve fallen a little short.

Exhausting all your energy in avoiding Life - rather in fully embracing it.

It takes great humility to assume responsibility.

And live up to not only the expectations that you have of yourself