• Michael Dahdal

The Only Relationship That Matters

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We spend our lives looking for Love.

Seeking and longing for Life itself.

We look for it in other people, we search for it within ourselves

We create stories about what’s normal

How life should play out

What we think we should be doing, how we should be acting

But in the end, this is all temporary and largely insignificant

Because in the end, there’s only one relationship that really matters.

A relationship so profound that it manifests itself in everything else

Reflected in every moment.

In everything that you do

In everything that you are

In all your interactions

In your work and all the choices that you make

In how you live your life.

It’s an all consuming relationship, nourishing to the soul.

Perfectly Loving. Perfectly reliable. Perfectly honest. Perfectly just.

But the relationships we seem to chase are bound by the limitations of this world

Because the life we find ourselves living, is the earthly one.

But what we fail to realise is that this earthly experience is only a mere reflection, a beautiful glimpse, of what lies beyond.

And although it’s only a temporary experience,

It's an opportunity to cultivate that one relationship that truly matters

That one relationship that you will carry with you into eternity.

To reconcile yourself with your maker.

With God. The Creator. The Great Spirit. The Logos. The Dao.

Regardless of what you want to call it -

This is where you should fix your gaze

And then, only then, does everything begin to make sense.

Only then will you truly get to know yourself,

Because your maker lays dormant within you,

Only awakened by your own will and conviction to do so,

By your explicit invitation.

So don’t get too caught up in the temporal nature of this world, with all its broken hearts and promises.

Look beyond, and you will find comfort there

You will find your answers there

You will find your home there

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