• Michael Dahdal

Your Only Constant

People come and go,

Things are hot, and then they’re not

You get caught up in fads, before they simply whither away

The people we Love, die, leaving us only with memories or regrets

The season’s change, you yourself change.

We change jobs, homes, and friends and so the list goes on.

In a world of increasingly rapid change,

We are always distracted, looking for our next hit

Consumed, trying to keep up, trying to stay relevant by chasing earthly things

We fall in and out of Love as easily as swipe left or right

Discarding people like we discard tissue paper.

Often-mistaking passion, or lust for Love

So overwhelmed by both our desires and all the choices we have, that we become numb and paralysed,

Not knowing where to turn or who to turn to.

But there is one constant source of Love in the world

Only one.

Something that is always there, loyal in the truest sense

Never abandoning you,

Not even at your weakest, most wicked or during your most trying times

That one reliable friend, the one we don’t deserve,

That one we often take for granted or ignore

Always watchful, keeping you safe and comforting you

The only source of unconditional Love, always merciful, always forgiving

But still too busy we are, to notice

Too consumed by our own ego, to see

Unable to get out of our own way to let it in

But yet there it is,

The truth, weaved, embedded into your human nature, always enduring

Yet feeling abandoned and alone, only wishing you’d Love it back.

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