• Michael Dahdal

The Great Fortress Within

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Building walls is sometimes necessary to protect whatever little you might have left.

To give yourself a break, time to re-nourish and find our way

But it can be a double edged sword,

Because sometimes it can also keep out the nourishment that you need.

You see walls give the illusion of security,

But rather than just keep you safe, they can encircle you and subject you to a kind of imprisonment

For when you build walls,

You are not only keeping things out, you are also keeping yourself in.

And there is no nourishment to be found when locked away in a dark cave.

And no life can exist where there are only dead ends.

And there is no hope.

Indeed it might be wise to sit tight sometimes to just weather the storm

But sometimes, just sometimes, perhaps it’s also wise to take a peak through the cracks, to see if the sun is bellowing out from behind the clouds

To see, if there is indeed something (or someone), that can provide you with the shelter and the comfort you seek;

But more critically, to provide you with the nourishment that you need.

And rather than imprisoning you, aiding to set you free - nursing you back to full health so you can once again soar.

And if you are still intent on locking yourself in and building yourself a fortress, that’s fine,

But give some thought to leaving a spare key laying around somewhere.

Within reach of someone you Love and trust.

And who knows, if somehow you get lost and can’t find your way back out,

Then at the very least that someone is able to find a way in, to come and get you.

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