• Michael Dahdal

The Great Divide

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As we move further away from our nature and closer towards a technocracy

A great divide will start to become clearer

This won’t be a divide between rich and poor

Nor black and white

Nor the bourgeoisie and the proletariats

But rather a divide between urban and rural

Those who continue to flock to the cities to be part of the emerging order

And those who return to the land.

Those who remain dependent on a system

And those who choose to take responsibility for their lives into their own hands.

Those who show faith and trust in their governments to save them

And those who show faith in the natural order and choose to answer to a much higher authority

It will be a spiritual struggle as much as a practical one.

Food security, access to fresh water, employment, geographic mobility and mandated medicine will all emerge as the great challenges of our time.

Not just creating a divide between urban and rural

But also between us and nature

And at an even deeper level, a greater divide within ourselves.

Between who we are and were born to be

And what we’re voluntarily allowing ourselves to become –