• Michael Dahdal

The Essence Of Things

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Oh what gift it would be to be able to cut through the noise and connect with the essence of things.

To get to the heart of any matter, the truth of any situation.

To connect with the things that lie in the heart of every man.

Because it’s only when you connect with the essence, that you’re liberated and able to properly deal with the real matters at hand.

It’s the truth that sets you free.

The 'essence' is the only thing that matters in the final reckoning; everything else is a mere distraction keeping you from discerning any kind of reality.

These are indeed fantastic times, but if you can see beyond the fantasy, you’ll notice an essence embedded in all things.

Essence being the intrinsic nature and indispensable quality of something.

Devoid of individual perspective

Devoid of bias or subjectivity

But rather, it’s a kin to an everlasting objective truth.

Something eternally present, a revelation of the complete character of someone or something.

Essence can never be taken away; it’s always there, embedded deep within.

It can however be obscured or muddled

And it’s this obscuring that keeps you from ever knowing yourself or the real nature of world in which you live.

Layer upon layer of lies and misinformation

Layer upon layer of hype, of fear, of pain or insecurity - of fabricated narratives, the implantation of the seeds of doubt.

And we allow it.

Contaminating ourselves with the impurities we willingly consume

Constantly in motion

Never giving an opportunity for the dust to settle.

The result of which, is never being able to see through the haze.

Especially in this age, an age of hyper speed and hyper distraction

It’s increasingly important to realise that your focus and attention is the battle ground for maintaining your sanity

It’s never been so important to be able to connect with the essence of things than it is today.

To remain vigilant, to guard what goes in and what comes out, so it accurately reflects the true nature of things

Who you really are

What it is you must do

What it is we are actually dealing with.

To discern Fact Vs Fiction. Reality Vs Fantasy. Eternal Vs Temporal (or temporary).

The rest is nothing more than fluff,

Specs of dust lodged in your eyes, obstructing your ability to see.

A cracked lens in which you’ve been made to view the world.

So then, to return to the essence, begin by washing away the dirt in your own eyes

And only then can you begin to see the world for what it really is.

#essence #truth #reality

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