• Michael Dahdal

The Company You Keep

Updated: Feb 17

There are those that make you feel good about yourself

By only giving you the validation that you seek,

And then there are those that force you to level up.

When we turn away those that force us to look ourselves in the mirror

It’s usually only because we don’t like what we see.

It’s uncomfortable facing up to reality -

But growth is always uncomfortable.

You see, the company you keep says something about you

Whether you’re willing to face up to the world as it really is.

Whether you're willing to do the work.

Whether you’re willing to trust someone enough to let them lead you into the abyss,

knowing full well that it’s for your own good. Or;

Whether you’d rather keep surrounding yourself with ‘yes men’.

By those that like to keep up appearances and only ever tell you what you want to hear.