• Michael Dahdal

The Common Thread

What are those things we all have in common?

What are those things that have remained unchanged across all cultures and across all time?

What are those threads that continue to tie us all together, despite our many differences?

If you can answer that, you’ll begin to understand -

To understand the truth of your existence and the nature of human life itself.

You’ll see that the more things change, the more they stay the same

You’ll notice that the path has already been laid out for you.

The map exists, what’s missing is your will to heed its call.

Life is not just those moments between birth and death

But death itself is a part of life

And its only when you understand the nature of Life (and death)

That The Path forward becomes clear.

And The Way begins to reveal itself to you.

So don’t go wasting your time trying to figure out what it is you expect from Life

Spend your time reconnecting with the essence of what Life expects of you.

This is where you will find your calling

And when you finally do, be sure to pursue it with everything you’ve got.

And there you have it, there you have everything.

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