• Michael Dahdal

The Big Slowdown

What would the world look like if no one had an assigned job?

What would it look like if there were no money?

What would the world look like if there were no major super markets, no cars, no planes or trains?

What would that say about life - what it always was and what it should be?

Where does the real value lie?

It lies in having the skills to cooperate and collaborate with your neighbours

It lies in having the skills to grow and cultivate your own food

In being able to work with your hands to build and fix things

It lies in managing local resources to good effect and in being efficient

It lies in being able to lead and take responsibility

It lies in being a healing presence, working with nature and not against it

It lies in learning and growing.

It lies in being virtuous and working for the common good, because in the end, we not only need each other, but it’s in the uniqueness of human relationships when we actualise our whole being (as humans).

There’s no inherent value in the financial markets

Or in buying a new tennis racquet or a Gucci handbag

It’s incredible how easily we forget these things

And ironic what it takes to remind us.

The storm shall pass, it always does - it’s nature’s way.

But let’s not take what we have for granted, let’s do better and be better

And when this whole thing blows over, let’s reconnect and stay connected with where the value actually lies

It some ways what we are experiencing is the big slow down, but in another way, it’s an opportunity for a big reset

#hope #coronavirus

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