• Michael Dahdal

The Big Let Down

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Reality is, not everyone keeps his or her promise.

Reality is, people will let you down

Reality is, your most trusted will abandon you when you need them the most.

Reality is, life can, and often does present itself as one big let down.

One disappointment after another

One challenge after another

One frustration after another

Where have all the good people gone I cry out to myself?

It’s easy to lose hope

It’s easy to feel helpless

It’s easy to question the meaning and purpose of it all

It’s easy to lose faith

It’s easy to stop trusting

It’s easy to go on living in fear

To be gripped by bitterness and resentment

Tragedy and despair

Life makes it easy to give up on your self and on others.

But yet there is something that keeps burning deep inside,

A flame that needs to be fanned

Flickers of hope, that won’t let you throw in the towel