• Michael Dahdal

Switch It Off

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Why does the media even matter?

100 years ago, let alone thousands of years, we didn’t have TVs or computers, heck we barely had phones or radios.

But now we’re literally consumed by it.

Like it actually even matters.

Great works of literature are translated into sound bites

Our attention spans are shorter

We’re more impatient

We’re always longing for more, more, more.

It’s almost as if life is too good

The media is akin to the jester in the kings court -

Are you not entertained?

Try switching it off, just try, for a little while at least.

Don’t watch the news or scan the head lines

Get off social

Call the people you want to call, or maybe even write them a letter

If you remember how.

The media is nothing more than a weapon of mass distraction

Nothing more, nothing less.

Get your information from primary sources

By actually interacting with the earth and talking to people

That’s what nature would call on you to do.

The rest is just fluff.

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