Surviving Stress During A Pandemic

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It’s normal for you to feel stressed and anxious right now, if you weren’t I would actually be quite worried about you.

None of what is happening during this pandemic is in anyway natural to us.

We aren’t meant to be locked away in our apartments.

Socially isolating.

Afraid to leave our houses, no work, no productivity, seeing our neighbours as potential threats and just waiting around indefinitely for someone to give us some new instructions about what we can and can’t do.

So what is important for you to realise is, what you’re experiencing is actually a normal response to an abnormal situation.

We’ve become so dependent on ‘the system’ and so disconnected from nature, that when the system shuts down, it literally becomes a matter of survival.

It’s not just about missing international travel.

It’s about food and water supplies. It goes to the heart of the basics - our necessities.

Even with the illusion of normalcy, you are still sensing the existence of something underlying, something that hasn’t been fully resolved.

It still lingers and until such time that you’ve been able to reconcile your relationship with nature, your own nature, and the natural world, this stress and anxiety will persist.

So there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you. Your response, to some degree, is appropriate.

However, in other ways, you may have been led to panic and in turn succumbed to a constant state of fear.

Relinquishing parts of yourself in the process and sacrificing way more than you needed too, by over-reacting or responding in disproportionate or unnatural ways.

It's important to remember, stress is not your enemy, it’s your friend.

It wants you to do better, be better, to survive and to thrive.