• Michael Dahdal

Strengthening Your Will

The human will can be developed and cultivated

Because willpower is like a muscle, that can be trained.

And most of the time

The biggest resistance to anything, is experienced when starting out.

In going from 'doing nothing' to 'doing something'; or alternatively,

In experiencing strong desire and trying to resist it.

There is infinite utility in being able to control your appetites,

In maintaining control, lest you be controlled.

In being able to 'will' something into existence

Or in maintaining 'the will' to resist.

It may seem counter intuitive, but when training your will,

A great place to start is fasting, because fasting is exactly about mastering your appetites.

You can always start small -

Perhaps abstain from only one thing initially or introduce a single mini habit into your day, with the key remaining consistency.

Strengthening your will is like developing a super power -

The ability to opt in or out of situations.

The ability to create or destroy.

Simply by having an intention

And then willing it.

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