• Michael Dahdal

Strength Of Will

If you’re sitting around waiting to be motivated, you’ll never get anything done

Sure motivation might help you get things started,

But finishing things is a completely different story

Motivation can spark you into action, but it’s not what sustains you

What sustains you is your strength of will.

Having the conviction to see something through

And like any muscle, strength of will can be developed

But it requires exerted effort, intentional exerted effort.

It’s painful and uncomfortable, but it’s the cross you bear if you know its worth it

But we may have become a little spoilt in this life

A little too accustomed to easy

When nothing of any real value ever comes easy

We’re so addicted to comfort, that we don’t know what to do when things become uncomfortable

Don’t expect easy, because life was never meant to be easy

And no one is coming to save you; it’s YOU that needs to will