• Michael Dahdal

Spoilt For Choice

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

In an age where you can just about have anything you want, whenever you want it.

You’re literally spoilt for choice.

You no longer have to sacrifice anything, because you can seemingly have it all

You’re entitled

You deserve to be happy

Progress is not having to want for anything

Not having to give anything up.

But when you grow up believing this to be the case

You deny your self of so much more

Never having to really evaluate what’s important and never learning to appreciate that which has inherent value.

The ease in which we can have anything, dilutes the significance of those things we do have,

And yet, it’s still never enough!

We have so many options,

That we can’t fathom the idea of missing out on anything.

We have so many choices to make, that we end up making none.

You see, scarcity has utility.

It forces you to level up.

To not only choose wisely, but also appreciate the things that you do have.

It teaches you the significance and value of things

It teaches you humility

And it teaches you the significance of delayed gratification - giving something up right now, for something of much greater value, in future.

To ‘live in the moment’ was never meant as a cry to embark on a hedonistic existence

But rather as a call to remain grounded and connected with the things and people that actually matter.

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