• Michael Dahdal

Some Will Rise

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Adversity introduces a man to himself.

It’s in that moment, when things aren’t going well when we get to find out who you really are.

When we get to look into your soul and see what you’re made of

When we get to see whether your talk is cheap

Whether you’re true to your word and can keep your promise.

Whether you have the strength of will

It's in that moment, when we get to see what you really value

What you really stand for, not just in word, but also in deed.

Everyone is happy when things are going well, but when things begin to falter, the truth is quickly revealed, some will stay and others will run.

Some will rise above and conquer

Others will look for a way out, for an excuse

Some will double down, dig their heels it, and go to work to make things right

Others will opt for the most basic of the animal instincts, self-preservation

And often it’s a matter of personal character, you either have it in you or you don’t, you will either rise or fall, it’s ingrained in your DNA.

Other times, you have to look yourself in the mirror and choose, who do you want to be?

Because it really is as simple as making a decision

But a decision often means commitment and we are terrified of commitment

Because commitment means responsibility

And responsibility comes with sacrifice and sometimes even hardship

And accepting the hardships, knowing that the struggle is ultimately worth it, is not always easy.

And we seem to live in a culture of easy,

It seems we’d much rather just settle for ‘what makes us happy’ – regardless of the consequences or the lives that might be impacted as a result

Because what you say and what you do, has real life consequences

So be careful with the company you keep

If you fall, will there be anyone there to catch you?

And in turn, should someone need you, will you run, or be one of the few that can be relied upon?

One of the very few that will rise above

Maybe its time for that reality check, to be honest with your self - what are you really truly made of?

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