• Michael Dahdal

Social Distancing Disguised As Health

Since when has social distancing ever made anyone healthier?

As if health merely relates to the absence of a disease.

As if public health simply means keeping people alive for longer.

Even the beloved World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as “complete physical, mental and social well-being”.

Oh how naïve we’ve become.

Oh how dependent on ‘the system’ we are.

Oh how ignorant we can be.

Common sense is not so common.

Fear and tribalism has a way of clouding our good judgment - of impairing our vision and restricting our ability to see.

The reality is, you can’t tear families apart in the name of safety and security

Divorcing mankind from our innate nature and then expecting us to ‘be O.K’.

You can’t break down the social fabrics that bind people together and expect 'public health' to improve.

You can’t inject yourself with toxins and medicate your way to a life of meaning, of Love and of fulfilment.

You can’t subject people to an environment where fear is perpetuated by way of keeping a tally of the sick, the injured and the dead.

Putting it on a 24/7 cycle of repeat, repeat, repeat.

If we did that for every ailment, we’d all be doomed, because the record shows:

Diarrhoea kills 2000 children per day

Car accidents kill approximately 3000 people per day

Influenza kills 290,000 – 650,000 people per year

Suicide 800,000 people per year

Obesity 2.8 million people per year

And that’s not even taking into account heart disease, cancer, diabetes and the rest of it.

Since when is keeping public score a good strategy?

Imagine we kept a daily death tally of everything and then had it lambasted across all media channels, day and night, every minute and every waking hour at every turn?

There's no health in that. If anything, fear suppresses the immune system, it doesn't boost it, making you more susceptible, not less.

A newsflash for you:

The ‘new normal’ still won’t help you live forever.

Sooner or later your time will come, as will mine - that IS normal.

But the pressing question is;

What will we do with the here and now, with the finite time that we do have on this good earth?

Will we live life, or cower away and hide away from it?

Animals may be subject to a survival only philosophy of life,

But humans are capable of so much more.

Why then, in times of crisis, are we quick to surrender our humanity and embrace only our animal nature.

We close the mosques, churches, synagogues, temples and ashrams but insist on keeping Wal-Mart open.

What’s the whole point of living anyway?

If there’s nothing or no-one to live for?

Nothing to look forward to?

No contribution to be made?

If we’re deluded into believing that the meaning of life is merely staying alive.

Perhaps it is me that is naïve and ignorant?

Perhaps it is me that is missing the point?

Maybe it's just me that continues to believe in the uniqueness of the human spirit.

That continues to believe that we are resilient enough in our very design to overcome anything

That we have the unique capacity to transcend.

The human race has survived much worse and there will be many more challenges to come

But the new pandemic will be a spiritual one

One that infects the mind and corrupts the will and the unique human character along with it.

It’s in these times of crisis we have the opportunity to show who we really are and what we’re capable of,

So seize the moment!

A crisis does have this ability to bring out the best and the worst in people

Truth be told, I’ve experienced both.

But the question to ponder is, what has it brought out in you?

“Many men, after asking God to give them the opportunities to practice the virtues, grumble when they encounter difficulties….” – St. Pasios

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