• Michael Dahdal

Smoke and Mirrors

In times of despair and uncertainty, we cling to hope and speak in euphemisms to make ourselves and others feel better.

Encouraging each other to trust, to have faith, to show gratitude, to believe, to keep loving.

All words, powerful words, words filled with potential.

But more often than not, empty words.

Kidding ourselves into believing that positive self talk alone, can make things better, it can’t.

In times of uncertainty, what we need is certainty.

We don’t want empty words and promises to cling to, we want something real.

We don’t need more smoke and mirrors, illusions of normalcy

We need something tangible, something concrete that can be lived and experienced.


We don’t need empty promises, we need meaningful actions.

And all it takes to bring this into reality, is firm commitment.

The conviction and will to embody the virtues we so often preach.

Express them and hope they are in turn somehow reciprocated.

Because when it's embodied in relationship, is when the full power is unleashed

Taking an ideal and actualising it, plucking it from obscurity and putting it within reach.

Paving the way for others to now follow.

It’s YOU that brings these words to life by transforming what could be, into what now is.

Turning fantasy, into reality.