• Michael Dahdal

Shifting Gears

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

When things aren’t moving how you need them to move -

you can shift gears.

Shifting gears is all about shifting the flow of energy.

It’s about going, when you’ve stopped;

It’s about going right, when you’re being pushed left;

It’s about stopping, when something says go -

It's about going from slow to fast or fast to slow.

But fundamentally it's about setting out to change things up when you need to.

Now, you can deplete other peoples energy or allow others to deplete yours

But you can also generate energy and direct it where you need it to go.

And everything, literally everything, starts with intention.

Making your intentions clear and then making it a point to shift the gears.

To igniting that spark when you need it in order to set things in motion.

It’s about going from non-action to action

From being, to doing and then back to being.

And all you need for things to flow the way you need them to flow - is a little shift and realignment.

A simple shift in energy.

And that only happens, once you've made your intentions felt.

Try it and let me know how you go.

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