• Michael Dahdal

Putting Things Into Perspective

Updated: Apr 10

To look things in the face and know them for what they are,

This is a skill.

To take everything life throws at you and be able to put it into perspective,

To contextualise it

And see it for what it is.

Sometimes we get so hung up on things that don’t really matter

Little things that we turn into big things

Things that don’t mean much in the grand scheme.

Yet we continue doing this to ourselves -

Until one day, something happens, that puts it all back into perspective.

Something that opens our eyes,

And reconnects us with the things that actually matter.

It’s in these moments that the big things become small again and the small things become big.

So don’t get too hung up on the trivialities

On the luxuries afforded to you, but you may often take for granted

Because in the end, none of it really matters

Life, real Life, is found not in people or things per se

But in being able to put things into their proper perspective.

And acting accordingly.

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