• Michael Dahdal

Pushed To The Edge

It’s inevitable; sometimes you’ll be driven to the edge.

Making it difficult to cope - pushed right to your limits.

As a natural animal, this usually leads to one of two responses,

Either fight or flight.

This response is evident everywhere in the animal kingdom.

Fight, meaning meeting resistance with resistance,

Pushing back, kill or be killed, the law of the jungle.

Whilst flight, infers running and hiding,

Self-preservation, subordinating yourself and simply obeying.

But what if humans had access to a third option?

Neither fight, nor flight but rather transcending your conditions and reaching for something beyond, serving a greater master.

Standing your ground in the face of adversity.

Not accepting things the way they are, but equally not imposing your will on a situation

Not subordinating your self to the status quo, but equally not trying to dominate any other person in either thought nor deed.

To simply live and let live

To find meaningful ways to rise above, without totally surrendering your unique character to groupthink.

Preserving the dignity and the sovereignty of the individual as a matter of principle.

In a growingly homogenous world, this sovereignty is becoming increasingly diluted -

You're being asked to choose either fight or flight,

To subscribe to the given narrative, without any consideration for the alternative.

But a third option always exists, the choice to be human.

Being human today is a rebellious act in itself, it makes outliers of us.

It refers to those of us that don’t fit the narrative

To those of us that dare to think for ourselves

To those of us that continue to seek and value truth

To those of us that continue to ask the big questions

To those of us that dare to stand steadfast in the eye of the storm

So this one is for you misfits, pushed to the edge, but refusing to yield.

Remember, Nature is the great and eternal healer, everything else is temporary,

So it makes no sense to cling to the things that will undoubtedly whither away and die.

To put all your hope and trust in the law of man,

Because in the end, it's the law of the spirit that endures forever, so this is where you should fix your gaze.

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