• Michael Dahdal

Own The Day

Own the day, because it’s in the day, that life actually happens.

There’s no point trying to get your life in order

If you can’t first get your day in order.

Conquer your day and you conquer your life,

It's that simple.

The day is natures unit of measure

And each day is made up of a series of moments

And it’s in these moments that you chart your course -

And where you need to make your mark.

In each and every moment, in each and every day.

And if you can’t conquer your day, then at least conquer your morning.

And if you can’t do that

Then start with the first 5 mins.

The point is to think big, but always act small.

There’s no point dwelling on the future or staying fixated on the past

When the unfolding is happening right here, right now

Right in front of you

So that’s where you need to focus your attention

Without losing sight of the bigger picture

And that’s that.

The rest will take care of itself.

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