• Michael Dahdal

Opiate Of The Masses

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Where religion was once considered the opiate of the masses, today, it’s the media.

It’s the news cycle, films, TV shows, music, science, politics, pop stars and pop culture subjecting you to a way of thinking and being in the world.

Redefining your values and the boundaries of what's acceptable and what's not.

Where truth was once the ultimate pursuit, now it's consensus.

But it’s important to remind your self that just because everyone believes something,

It doesn’t make it true.

Truth has never been a measure of how many people agree,

It’s objective, not subjective.

It remains embedded somewhere deep in the cross hairs of public opinion.

And for as long as you’re of sound mind and body,

It's your human responsibility to stay awake to the realities of the world.

To be willing and able to see beyond the noise,

Not ruled or subdued by your fears and passions, but rather use your reason.

To clear the fog in your own heart and mind in order to stay connected with that which is real.

Using your full faculties to see things for what they are.

Clearly and without distortion, without contamination.

Remaining open to the possibilities even if you happen to vehemently disagree,

Be willing to go against the popular grain at the risk of being left out on the fringes

Resigning yourself to being considered an ‘outsider’ or an 'outcast'. 

Anything less and you’re not only selling yourself short, but you're selling humanity short with it.

A magician’s best trick is the art of distraction

Getting you to look over here, whilst performing a sleight of hand over there

Creating illusion and tricking you into believing a falsity.

And distraction can be weaponised, only to be used against you if you’re not alert to it.

So, if given the choice of taking the red pill or blue, which would you choose?

Continue living in blissful ignorance, or rather accepting the bitter truth?

Point being, what is a life if not grounded in reality?

Yes, it's perhaps unpleasant at times, but at least it’s real and uniquely yours.

Because you, yourself are unique.

This is not about fitting in or standing out, it’s about seeing the world for what it really is and not being afraid to call it.

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