• Michael Dahdal

Open Doors

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

How many open doors have you walked by without entering?

How many knocks have you left unanswered?

How many people have you walked by without engaging?

How many moments have you let pass without being present?

How many things have you left unsaid?

How many loved ones have drifted away with out you even noticing?

Opportunity indeed beckons at every turn

In every interaction

In each and every moment

So how many of those opportunities have you left by the wayside?

Not realising, that in each opportunity is infinite potential

The potential to change everything

But it requires you to act and cooperate of your own free volition.

You see, Life is constantly nudging at you,

It’s showing you The Way

But we’re so stuck in our own ego’s that we often fail to notice

There are no coincidences

Serendipity is a term invented to explain the unexplainable

Putting life’s unfolding down to simple chance.

But it’s much much bigger than that.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you know better

Too often finding yourself talking,

When indeed, you should be watching and listening.

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